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Briefing Paper: 

Legal Issues on Phenotype Data Accessibility

In November 2009 the Interphenome and International Mouse Phenoytping Cnsortium groups met with CASIMIR to discuss the issues of licensing phenotype data gathered and integrated from a set of distributed sources belonging to different institutions.

The challenges of licensing data are greatly complicated by the integration of material coming form Institutions with different intellectual property policies in different legal jurisdictions.

The group, augmented by the expertise of IPR lawyers and Creative Commons counsel prepared a briefing document examining the options for this kind of database operation.

The resulting recommendations will be taken up by the International Mouse phenotyping Consortium and may be useful to others considering these issues for their own data or databases.

It is important to recognise however that one size does not fit all, and that the licensing solutions for different types of data collected in different ways my be distinct.

Nevertheless it is important to direct attention to the problem and we hope that by releasing the briefing document it will stimulate discussion and encourage data providers to examine their own practices.

Please download the briefing paper from below.
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